Scoring Poland’s Top-rated Craft Beer Festival

Visitors to Warsaw Beer Festival discover superb European craft beer from Poland’s top breweries while enjoying a leading event. A who’s who of Polish brewing, this well-respected celebration of beer has gained a reputation on the international scene. With over 1,000 high-quality artisanal beers on tap, it now attract enthusiasts from all around the world. And its popularity continues to grow at home and globally.

It’s been almost 10 years since the first Warsaw Beer Festival. The Polish craft-beer revolution has matured and evolved over the past decade. Today’s beer scene in Poland is modern, fresh, bold and daring. The Warszawski Festiwal Piwa (or WFP, as it’s known in Polish) showcases the brewing excellence, diverse styles and distinctive flavours that make contemporary Poland (and Warsaw) so compelling.

Warsaw’s Funky Fluid characterises everything about Polish craft beer. This exceptional brewery is a Warsaw Beer Festival highlight, and with good reason. With an energising edge, it combines the best ingredients and proven talent to produce many wonderful, joyous beers. International enthusiasts increasingly choose the Warsaw Beer Festival to learn more about Poland’s exciting beer scene, thanks to breweries like Funky Fluid. And visitors are not disappointed.

An Important Celebration of Poland’s Craft Beer Industry

Warsaw Beer Festival is a noteworthy occasion not only for Funky Fluid, but for all Poland’s craft breweries. It is a high point in the Polish beer calendar. Months in advance, brewers are busy producing special beers, sought-after collaborations and unique small-batch experiments, all for pouring fresh at WFP. This semi-annual gathering is also an opportunity for brewers to meet their fans and chat over beer. Furthermore, organised by Wolny Kraft (beer Association for Polish Craftsmanship), WFP is the Polish beer industry’s networking event, a get together to discover trends, learn from peers and meet suppliers and distributors. For both brewers and beer lovers, Warsaw Beer Festival is an unforgettable experience.

Choosing the best apples for the Apple Pie Gelato beer

Funky Fluid is a significant exporter and has earned a reputation as one of the most in-demand Polish craft beer brands across the EU, the UK and beyond. So it is at the forefront of introducing Polish beer to a much larger global audience. Not only that, but it is also among Poland’s top-rated breweries on Untappd.

Why European Craft Beer Is Popular: Untappd Partnership Connects With Enthusiasts

In partnership with Untappd and the Warsaw Beer Festival, Funky Fluid has produced two unique festival beers. Gelato: Szarlotka is an Apple Pie Ice Cream Sour, produced in collaboration with Szymanowice Press (W spółce z naturą/Corporation With Nature). Warsaw Dream is a Polish NEIPA, produced in collaboration with PolishHops. But these beers are not only brewed as a delight to enjoy at the festival, but also as a Polish beer industry study: the Research on Ratings Project.

Two unique beers brewed with the Warsaw Beer Festival with the Legia Stadium in the background.

Poland’s brewers have noticed that some beers rate higher on Untappd in one country than in another. And some beers rate lower, depending on the country. But why is that? With Untappd’s help, the Polish beer industry is trying to find an answer. Funky Fluid will distribute Szarlotka and Warsaw Dream across 17 European countries. It is hoped as many drinkers as possible in diverse locations add a check-in on Untappd.

Unique Polish hops are responsible for citrusy and fruity Polish Dream NE Polish IPA.

Untappd will then analyse the results, comparing them with check-ins from the Warsaw Beer Festival. How may the ratings differ? The results will be interesting for everyone working in the beer industry across the world.

Will you join us at Warsaw Beer Festival and discover Poland’s top European craft beer? Further information is here.