March 2021 – tasting set by the Slow Craft Association
Together, we aid craft breweries in difficult times



Chmury – Citrrus Spissatus, Rye IPADobry Browar – Porter z Gniezna, Baltic PorterDwie Wieże – Zboczeniec – RIS BA with baconHaust i Karczewski – American SaisonHopium – Salvador Malin, imperial sour z Raspberries
Końska Grzywa – Palomino, light lagerPiekarnia Piwa – Piwo 26 – RIS BA Burbon RosesSpółdzielczy – Triple Tequila BA Stargard – Basteja, brown aleTank Busters – CyberTank, WC IPA

Support Polish craft breweries

All profits go to the brewers – some of the smallest craft breweries that urgently need our help. Think of this as Christmas present for the brewers and raise a toast with their beer to better times!

10 unique beers

Most of the beers from the tasting set cannot be bought at your local store. The breweries that produced them are too small for their beers to be widely available on the market. We personally discussed with each of the brewers what they can prepare for us and we chose the most interesting beers. Styles include both classics and new wave.

Let’s evaluate Polish craftsmanship together

We are looking for ways to discuss the world of craft beers and its diversity. Apart from how they taste, we pay attention to how and why they were created. For our tasting buddies, we have prepared special evaluation forms that will help us all choose the most interesting of beers and then promote the crème de la crème of breweries.

We are Slow Craft

Join us and we will promote craft beer together, educate about our culture, and help breweries that lost sources of revenue due to Covid-19. By joining our independent community of consumers, you will get the chance to participate in the tasting sessions of these unique beers (bear in mind the number of sets is very limited). We encourage you to find out more about our association and plans for the future.

The beers included in this set come from small craft breweries which quite often are basically a one man show. Some beers are still fermenting; others are waiting to be bottled. Some of them were brewed in super small amounts… The last mile (before they land in our hands) may be full of surprises. Together with the brewers, we want you to receive the freshest beers in the best possible condition – that’s why should they choose to withdraw their beer, because it doesn’t meet their high standards, they will have the right to do so. It is also possible that for reasons unforeseen some of the beers might run out or another problem will arise that we cannot predict now. In situations like these, we will replace the beer(s), to the best of our knowledge, with a similar one. We hope you will enjoy this set just as we did while we were preparing it!

THE NUMBER OF SETS is highly limited!


Karol Makowczenko

Karol is a biotechnologist by education and he has been brewing craft beer since 2014. Restaurant brewery Chmury is located in Port Dalba in Giżycko, right at the mouth of Łuczański Channel. From its terraces you can see Niegocin lake. The brewery was created by the restaurateur Michał Lubas, who wanted to build a place with a unique ambience in terms of visuals, flavours and aromas. But do not take these praises for granted – just visit Chmury after the restrictions are softened.


15 degrees Balling, 5.5% abv.

This beer is a take on the flagship craft beer revolution style – American india Pale Ale – but aside from the barley malt we used the rye malt, enhancing the impression of thickness and providing a delicate, distinctive aftertaste which can be described as “earthy”. The beer was lavishly hopped with American varieties, both during the boil for bitterness and then dry-hopped to enhance the aroma with citruses, white fruit and exotic fruit notes. The name of the Cirrus spissatus cloud can be translated as “feathery thickened”. Just as the clouds mentioned above, our beer seems richer than the other examples of AIPA style.

Dobry Browar

Bartek Kozłowski, Marcin Igliński

Our mission is to promote our town Gniezno in the whole Poland and to create an atmospheric sanctuary on the spot for people who enjoy life. Apart from our beers (served directly from tanks) we also offer other craft alcohols and we pair them with food made with local ingredients. Despite the current adversities, we hope to host our guests again and to entertain them with local music bands. Our beers received recognition at the leading Polish contests and were awarded with gold medals, but all these trophies are worth less than the approval of our guests, celebrating another pleasant day with a glass of a new-wave style or classic pilsner.


21 degrees Balling, 8.7% abv., 34 IBU

So called Polish beer treasure, this historical dark and strong beer has a unique character and taste, influenced by the ingredients, lautering process and adequate lagering time. Creamy, brown and thick head, dark malt flavours of roasted bread crust, coffee and chocolate plus pronounced bitterness with delicate sweetness popping through. Recognized at the prestigious KPR and Good beer contests, awarded twice with a silver medal in 2019.

Dwie wieże

Piotr Machowicz

Kacper Puć along with his friends Radosław Froń and Grzegorz Chmurzyński created an unusual brewery consisting of a unique 4-vessel American brewhouse (sized 320 l), tanks and 2 oak foeders. As a head brewer they hired Piotr Machowicz, winner of the prestigious contest Konkurs Piwowarów Domowych in 2016. Small size enables them to brew very diverse beers, inspired by their experiences and conducted tests, as well as by the ideas suggested by their best clients, such as Gruba Buła and Craftownia Krakowski Wielokran. That’s how the delicious Zboczeniec (literally “the Pervert”, but also a play on words using the term “boczek” (“bacon”)) was born.


21 degrees Balling, 10.5% abv., bacon 14 g/l

Well known and popular imperial stout seasoned with bacon roasted by the best burger joint in Cracow – Gruba Buła. This time we have aged it in the Heaven Hill bourbon barrel, first-filled right after being transported to Europe. Thanks to barrel-aging Zboczeniec was enriched with intense vanilla sweetness, you can also sense fresh cocoa made with farmhouse milk, honey, biscuits, as well as long, pleasant, caramel-and-malt finish. Smoked Best Maltz and Steinbach malts enhance the bacon flavours and aromas, lactose adds smoothness and crystal malts make the beer balanced.

Haust i Karczewski

Paweł Kąkol, Marcin Michalak

Haust has been brewing since 2004 – both classic and new-wave styles. The brewery is run by Paweł Kąkol, a food technologist, in the industry since 2013.

Contract Browar Karczewski is a dream come true for two high-school friends, Tomek and Marcin. They create their beers under the motto “We unite the passions”. They reach the small town people, showing them how to pair drinks with food.


14 degrees Balling, 6% abv.

American Saison is the result of a joint work by Haust and Browar Karczewski, helped by the American hops and Belgian yeast. Pleasant, fruity aroma enriched with spicy notes (yeasty phenolics plus coriander and lemon peel) prove that IPA is not the only beer style to die for.


Bartek Dach

We are a craft brewery located in Nowy Drzewicz, on the outskirts of Warszawa. We had completely rebuilt an old dairy and since 2014 we have been brewing here. From the very beginning our goal is to create beers that are remarkable and outside the box. We want to enchant our clients with a rich flavour and aroma of hops, fruit and spices, in order to expose them to the complex world of craft beer.


16 degrees Balling, 5,7% abv.

Sour beer with a slightly sweetish, contrasting finish. Pleasant fruit aroma charms with its intensity and freshness, stays long in the memory. Its texture comes not only from the original gravity, relatively high for a sour beer, but also from the high content of raspberry puree and the proper culture of lactic bacteria, which results in an even more complex beer.

Końska Grzywa

Adam Bańczyk, Marek Beszczyński

We created a small brewery to make our dreams come true. This is our way of expressing both our love for horses and for beer. Before we went professional, we had been brewing at home, in the kitchen and in the garage (inciting sceptical opinions of some household members but also enthusiastic ones of the others). Our brewing vision can be expressed as the pursuit of the idea that “genius lies in simplicity”. We brew with respect to the processes and ingredients and we use only those of the best quality. When constructing our recipes we take the line that “more is not better”.


12 degrees Balling, 4,7% abv.

Pale bottom-fermented beer 12 degrees Plato, with average but distinct bitterness and malty foundation.

Piekarnia Piwa

Leszek Jasiński (The Beer Bakery)

When asked why the brewery was founded, its owner Jacek Janota tells us that it was simply out of the need to brew beer, but then it changed his life and as a result was transformed into a regular business. “We found ourselves a place in a small village called Niezdara (goof or slouch) with planes to and from the Pyrzowice airport flying over our heads, on the far outskirts of the Silesian agglomeration. We created our brewery in what used to be a bakery and that where our beer gets its unique character from. It also inspired the brewery’s name which makes us stand out on the market.


26 degrees Balling, 11.3% abv.

The beer was brewed by Leszek Jasiński who doesn’t work at Piekarnia Piwa anymore. Dark in colour, thick body, it combines notes of dark chocolate with roasted coffee. Dry and pleasant, without any sour notes. It brings to mind cigar smoke with a hint of good wine, there’s subtle sweetness as well as bitterness in the background, complemented by a sweet hint of roasted raisins. It’s incredibly drinkable and will help you take a deep breath and relax.

Spółdzielczy (The Cooperative Brewery)

Janusz Golisowicz

Browar Spółdzielczy was founded out of three fierce passions: craft beer, the sea, and the need for change. We brew beer in a traditional way in a small brewery in Puck on the southern shore of the Baltic. The brewery is owned by the DALBA Social Cooperative. This is not an ordinary workplace – it is really driven by passion. Most of the cooperative’s employees are people who had no chance on the labour market because of their disabilities, but it’s their commitment and determination that make our beer something special: a dream come true and an opportunity for self-fulfilment.


20 degrees Balling, 11% abv.

This beer was inspired by the whole team’s trip to Mexico in 2019. A tripel, its colour pleasantly light, full of aromatic esters and hopped with new wave varieties Galaxy and Ekuanot, it spent over two years (!) in a tequila barrel. The result? A Mexican-Belgian cocktail brewed and aged on the Polish coast.


Tomasz de Weyher

Tomasz de Weyher – a well-known local drunkard, mastermind and co-founder of the Stargard Brewery. His beer-brewing adventure back in 2011, when he started brewing at home. For the past five years, he has been the head brewer at the Family Brewery Wyszak in Szczecin. Prolific author of beer recipes and PSPD judge (Polish Association of Homebrewers). Together with his friend Wojciech Naklicki, they opened the first brewery in Stargard, thus fulfilling their childhood dream. He enjoys coming up with new craft beers that are appreciated both at prestigious competitions and in local drinking dens. The Stargard Brewery is a small local institution with a 12.5 hl brewhouse and three tanks 25 hl each. The beers are not filtered nor pasteurised, you won’t find any artificial additives in your glass, and the beer is made without… hurry. The names of the beers most often refer to local historic monuments, places, people and events.


12.5 degrees Balling, 4,5% abv.

English-style, top-fermented dark beer with floor malt. Beers in this style actually used to be brewed in Stargard before world war 2. You will find distinct notes of bread, nuts, chocolate, caramel as well as biscuits. The beer has a pleasant malty quality, there is subtle bitterness to be found in it too, and what rounds it is its unique English character.

Tank Busters

Kamil Dworczyński, Aleksandra Garcon and Michał Gref

The reference to the sci-fi classic “Ghostbusters” you have found? Good! In case you were wondering, it’s no coincidence. Just like the four heroes fighting ghosts in that film, we too face something every time we go out 😉 And on a serious-er, brewers is what we are! And beer is our passion. Okay, you probably must have heard that way too many times. Maybe you consider it a sill marketing gimmick? But don’t let this discourage you, and have a go at our beers!


16 degrees Balling, 6.4% abv.

Say hi to our new futuristic West Coast IPA. Crisp, dry slightly hazy with a distinct bitterness to it. Both the concept and label were ready back in 2019, as the beer itself is a tribute to the dystopian sci-fi subgenre called cyberpunk which we fell in love with as teenagers. Unfortunately, due to the delays in the premiere of dystopian computer game CyberPunk 2077, whose main objective in our opinion was to make this universe mainstream again, the premiere of our beer had to be postponed until the end of 2020. As is the case with all our beers, also here we chose ultra-bright ingredients, dry mash, and a new wave mix of crème-de-la-crème hop varieties. Surf the new wave!