The very first tasting set by the Slow Craft Association
Together, we aid craft breweries in difficult times


PLN 49 (per 3 months) / 149 (per year)

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Support Polish craft breweries

All profits go to the brewers – some of the smallest craft breweries that urgently need our help. Think of this as Christmas present for the brewers and raise a toast with their beer to better times!

10 unique beers

Most of the beers from the tasting set cannot be bought at your local store. The breweries that produced them are too small for their beers to be widely available on the market. We personally discussed with each of the brewers what they can prepare for us and we chose the most interesting beers. Styles include both classics and new wave.

Let’s evaluate Polish craftsmanship together

We are looking for ways to discuss the world of craft beers and its diversity. Apart from how they taste, we pay attention to how and why they were created. For our tasting buddies, we have prepared special evaluation forms that will help us all choose the most interesting of beers and then promote the crème de la crème of breweries.

We are Slow Craft

Join us and we will promote craft beer together, educate about our culture, and help breweries that lost sources of revenue due to Covid-19. By joining our independent community of consumers, you will get the chance to participate in the tasting sessions of these unique beers (bear in mind the number of sets is very limited). We encourage you to find out more about our association and plans for the future.


broVca – West Playa, DDH session westcoast IPACzarna Owca & Absztyfikant – Retimo Pils, italian pilsNERDeFacto – Pink Stranger, NE IPAKazimierz – Imperium Kara Mustafy & Peanutbutter, coffee milk stoutMilicz – Pils Milicki, pilsner
Monsters – Jadwisia Król, royal milk stoutPalatum – Biere Blanche, witbierPrzetwórnia Chmielu – #unlockhops!@%!, NE IPATumski & Absztyfikant – Wyprawa do Belgii, wild sour BA aleWagabunda – Apache, smoked IPA

The beers included in this set come from small craft breweries which quite often are basically a one man show. Some beers are still fermenting; others are waiting to be bottled. Some of them were brewed in super small amounts… The last mile (before they land in our hands) may be full of surprises. Together with the brewers, we want you to receive the freshest beers in the best possible condition – that’s why should they choose to withdraw their beer, because it doesn’t meet their high standards, they will have the right to do so. It is also possible that for reasons unforeseen some of the beers might run out or another problem will arise that we cannot predict now. In situations like these, we will replace the beer(s), to the best of our knowledge, with a similar one. We hope you will enjoy this set just as we did while we were preparing it!

THE NUMBER OF SETS is highly limited!


Tomasz Michalski

He might’ve been born in Belgium, but what inspires him most are American beer styles. A graduate in economics who loves not only great beer, but also cigars and sports cars. If you’d like to know why on Earth he moved to Poland, you’ll have to ask him yourself, but know this: he rebuilt an old barn with his own hands into a modern brewery-slash-house, as he lives directly above his “production hall”. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? In his spare time (say what?!), he paints pictures which he later transforms into labels for his beer.



When we approached him and asked whether there was a beer he’d like to show off, he only needed a short while to think and check the contents of his tanks. It turned out that the West Coast was in perfect condition and that was great news – as you know we’re experiencing a shortage of this style these days, and Tomek mastered it to perfection! Dry, with a strong, yet gentle bitterness and a pleasant hop aroma with citrus and resinous notes. 13.5 degrees Balling, 6.3% abv, 0.5 l, bottled.

Czarna Owca & Absztyfikant

Łukasz Kortas & Łukasz Szynkiewicz

Łukasz Kortas is a follower of the German brewing school, according to which the perfect balance and composition of the elements that make up the taste of beer are what is most important. He spends an astounding amount of time selecting hops and malt – both crucial to the brewing process. Beer is a constant in his life, as it has been there ever since he came of drinking age (or maybe a bit earlier). He spends his free time riding a motorcycle (not only on his way to work and then back home).

Łukasz Szynkiewicz, a construction engineer by profession, “built” his contract brewery in 2013. A lover of tonka, Brettanomyces and Grodziskie beer. In his spare time, he enjoys pizza, beer and tennis, not necessarily all at the same time. His favourite painting is “The Dream” by Henri Rousseau.

Ritmo Pils


Together with Absztyfikant, we had been preparing for a very long time to create Ritmo Pils – discussing the appropriate water profile and the right hops combination. The subtle fruity Spalter Select gave the beer a fine floral nuance that blends in perfectly with the spicy notes of Hallertauer Mittelfrüh and the herbal finish of Tetnanger. This rich hop bouquet is seasoned with a pinch of warm maltiness.


Piotr Domański

After Piotrek quit his corporate job, he built a craft brewery with his bare hands (as a matter of fact, he indeed welded most of the equipment by himself). Now, when he’s not busy brewing, he likes to watch deer living in a nearby forest that curious about the smells, sometimes take a look at his workshop. Piotrek loves to experiment and brews mainly new wave beers, skilfully combining maltiness with hoppiness.



In this juicy and fruity New England session IPA, you will simply find lots of pink guava pulp. Its dominating sweet-and-sour character together with an unimposing hoppy bitterness make the beer very light and refreshing. 4.7% abv.


Krzysztof i Mateusz Jachimczak

Brewery description under construction.



Here’s another experiment we dared make with our famous base beer Kara Mustafa! This time, in addition to coffee, we added one of our favourite toppings of all time, perfect for sandwiches, burgers or beer – peanut butter! 6% abv, 19 degrees Balling.


Jacek “Jacer” Domagalski

Milicz Brewery, also known as “craft & roll”, is a craft brewery located in the heart of the Barycz Valley. Jacek Domagalski, its founder and one of the first and most experienced home brewers, built the entire facility according to his own idea with his own hands. In love with nature, after several years of work as the head brewer at the Nepomucen Brewery, he established his own, tiny brewery near the charming picturesque Milicz Ponds. At his brewery, you will meet local bands – always invited to play good music, or eat delicious carp from local fisheries, smoked on premises. And in the pub, right off the brewhouse, you will see many photographs that were taken in the surrounding forests. His beers are exquisite, and his specialty are classic styles, in particular Pils Milicki – the only beer brewed all year round. I might be part of our set, nevertheless, try it at the source too. It’s even better there.



We suspect that if it hadn’t been for the lockdown, we wouldn’t have been able to persuade Jacek to add his pilsner to this set. Usually in the season, the beer would disappear into thin air the moment it was ready. Out of several styles that Jacek has in his offer, we asked for the one without which we cannot imagine paying Milicz a visit. It is not only delicious and refined, but also the exact kind of beer we love tiny, craft breweries for. When you open the bottle, go to YouTube to see a documentary about the Milicz Ponds that Jacek recommends: “Kraina Niezwykłości” (“The Land of the Extraordinary”). If you ever visit this part of Lower Silesia, the Ponds are a must-see. 11.5 degrees Plato, 4.8% abv. Aged for a long time, as the old masters would.


Janek Gadomski

An enthusiast who climbed all the rungs of our industry ladder. He started his career as a consumer who later became a home brewer, only to win the hottest title there is – Brewer of the Year for his high notes in several competitions. He then also became a beer judge and is now helping a younger generation of brewers achieve new levels. Eventually, he opened the Monsters Brewery which both his friends and enemies jokingly call “the wholesaler’s”. Janek brews beer, sells it, designs the labels and delivers the orders. In his spare time, he contributes to the well-known craft beer podcast Alchemia where he popularises the art of home brewing. In his own words: One man show. Just for your own pleasure.



Thick, creamy and immensely chocolate-flavoured, this milk stout was brewed out of love and with love, but without artificial flavours. To spice things up, Bourbon vanilla beans. Not quite as sweet or heavy as it may seem. Despite 22 degrees Balling and 7.5% abv, it is surprisingly drinkable and light.


Łukasz Kojro

This story could easily be taken from a movie. An experienced home brewer quits his corporate job and sets up a small craft brewery at home. Supported by his family, he struggles with everyday difficulties, looking for his place on the rapidly changing craft beer market. We see him as he works hard, cooks, plays with his dog Amarillo, and designs labels with his daughter. He’s making plans for the future. Once he feels he has achieved success, a global epidemic breaks out and the government shuts down all the pub. At first, Łukasz doesn’t know what to do, but when the dust settles, he comes up with a masterplan…



Not that long ago, pioneering Polish craft breweries declared that they would only brew Belgian styles. However, they quickly changed their minds. The story of Łukasz is similar, but au contraire to current trends, he regularly returns to his initial inspirations. Biére Blanche (also known as witbier) is, contrary to what people say, a beer extremely difficult to make, complex, and harmonious. Neither dry, nor full; neither heavy, nor watery. And above all else, refreshing and drinkable. Orange zest and coriander give this beer a festive character. 12 degrees Balling, WLP410liquid yeast.

Przetwórnia Chmielu

Łukasz Śledziński

Łukasz started brewing beer at home in small kettles. Now he works with large tanks in his own brewery. He often brews with his brother who also creates the labels. They work mainly in the evenings and on the weekends, because they combine work in the brewery with their other professional work. For several years, Łukasz has been a judge in beer competitions in his spare time. Przetwórnia Chmielu (The Hop Processing Brewery) has been operating at full steam for almost two years now, brewing mainly American hazy IPAs and fruit sours, releasing once in a blue moon experimental beer.



The second lockdown took place in a relatively less restrictive form, yet both for multitap bars and us, it was equally painful. We are not going to debate politics – everyone has their opinions and that’s fine. We know one thing though: beer should bring people together, not divide them. Therefore, allow us to present our new NEIPA. Juicy, fruity, and tropical, with hints of citrus and melon notes in the background. It turned out really well. We dry hopped this beer with Idaho7, Simcoe and Citra hops.

Tumski & Absztyfikant

Piotr Gwiazda & Łukasz Szynkiewicz

Piotrek is an avid fan of Barcelona football club. Between organising trips to see them play, he also learned to brew beer at home. Throughout almost his entire brewing career, he has been associated with the Tumski Brewery in Płock, where he has been the head brewer since 2017. Apart from classic styles and restaurant beers, he likes to “smuggle in” certain more ambitious beer styles to treat the brewery’s guests. Eye-opening and revolutionary to his approach to brewing was his trip to Belgium, where he discovered his calling – to create the first in Poland “Park Beczek” (“Barrel Park”), where he recreates classic Belgian styles.

Łukasz Szynkiewicz, a construction engineer by profession, “built” his contract brewery in 2013. A lover of tonka, Brettanomyces and Grodziskie beer. In his spare time, he enjoys pizza, beer and tennis, not necessarily all at the same time. His favourite painting is “The Dream” by Henri Rousseau.



In Poland, brewing a good, wild beer is no easy task. You need to take care of the right ratio of Brettanomyces yeast and Lactobacillus plantarum bacteria, and then boast inhuman patience. This wild sour BA ale (since the name “lambic” or “lambiek” is geographically protected) was aged in Pinot Noir red wine casks for 615 days. This is the first in a series of sour beers which, in plague times, remind the brewer of his past expeditions in search of inspiration. “A Trip to Belgium” is a one-of-a-kind beer and only approximately one thousand bottles will be made available on the market (a large part of which will be included in our sets). Each 0.3-litre bottle will turn into a beautiful memory and the beginning to a good story.


Piotr Pawlak

Travelling has always been a leitmotif. An excursion or an expedition, crossing borders and gaining invaluable experiences – all that will later be used to infuse our beer. We use our memories and emotions as if they were spells, which we are more than happy to share with others, like a slide show after a long journey. Therefore, in our beers, you will find unusual ingredients or stories from our trips. Together with my wife, we look for inspiration everywhere we go, and the scale of our brewery, one of the smallest in Poland, allows us to travel frequently to lands of exotic flavours, often on the other side of the globe.


SMOKED IPA (experimental style)

Apache is one of the first beers I had ever brewed at home. Since then, I have created at least several versions of this beer – in one of them, I combined American hops with peaty notes and the result was extremely interesting. This time I chose beech-smoked malt, as it corresponds with the citrus notes of hops even better. The beer is dry and bitter, perfect for mir to late autumn. For a deeper colour, I always add a handful of roasted barley, without the husk. When I taste it, I can smell wet meadows, fog, and autumn fires. These images I fuse with the aroma of American hops – the aroma of the beer revolution. With the smell of a country that was so close yesterday, and yet is so far today. Smoke foreshadows change, it foreshadows revolution.
15 degrees Balling and 6% abv, 40% beech-smoked malt, dry-hopped with Cascade and Chinook.